The robust alternative to optical encoders. Magnetic, true absolute, up to 255 revolutions.


NEW! PTK Series gyro-compensated inclination sensors


The innovation for applications with pulleys


Magnetic angle measurement for harsh environments


Little installation space? Here's the solution!

ASM presents a contact-less ultra-flat magnetostrictive position sensor for space-restricted applications such as in mobile machines.

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Robust Magnetic Incremental Encoder for Harsh Environments

ASM presents posirot® PMIS4/PMIR7, a non-contact, wear-free magnetic incremental encoder solution which was designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and offers a unique simple slide-on shaft assembly.

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The underrated risk of leakage

Traditional angle sensors often show unexpected failures under outdoor conditions even with high IP protection rates such as IP67. This is mostly due to moisture ingress via non-airtight spaces. ASM Sensors has developed a new sealing technology which hermetically seals the sensor. 

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