No Drilling, Easy Maintenance

The New Sensor Solution for Hydraulic Cylinders

The Robust Alternative to Optical Encoders

Magnetic, True-Absolute, up to 255 Revolutions

Dirt? Icing? Deflections?

Robust Displacement Measurement with Stainless Steel Tape

Dynamic. Instantaneous.

Gyro-compensated Inclination Sensors


No Drilling, Easy Maintenance: The New Sensor Solution for Hydraulic Cylinders

ASM presents posichron® EasyMount - a new linear position sensor solution that significantly simplifies installation, maintenance and repair and thus saves time and money.

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The new sensor program

Harsh environmental conditions? Shock, vibration? Dynamic inclination measurement? The new product overview sensors provides you with solutions for these and other requirements. Download here.


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Little installation space? Here's the solution!

ASM presents a contact-less ultra-flat magnetostrictive position sensor for space-restricted applications such as in mobile machines.

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