No Drilling, Easy Maintenance

The New Sensor Solution for Hydraulic Cylinders

The Robust Alternative to Optical Encoders

Magnetic, True-Absolute, up to 255 Revolutions

Dirt? Icing? Deflections?

Robust Displacement Measurement with Stainless Steel Tape

Dynamic. Highly rugged.

Gyro-compensated Inclination Sensors


posimag® lin

posimag® lin is a non-contact, high-resolution measurment system for measuring lengths of up to 30 meters. Installation and adjustment of this system is simple - also thanks to the three available variants:

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ASM product brochure 2024:

Functional reliability and measurement accuracy, even under extreme environmental conditions, are the most important criteria when selecting the right sensor.

ASM offers reliable solutions for: 

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Displacement sensors with integrated inclination sensor

Telescopic crane booms, transport cranes, machines for the pharmaceutical industry and in medical technology: in many applications, both linear position and inclination need to be determined. As a rule, two different sensors are used for this, even if displacement and inclination are measured at the same point on the machine. This is not only more complex to install (cabling and assembly work), it also increases costs.

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