No Drilling, Easy Maintenance: The New Sensor Solution for Hydraulic Cylinders

ASM presents posichron® EasyMount - a new linear position sensor solution that significantly simplifies installation, maintenance and repair and thus saves time and money.

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The new sensor program

Harsh environmental conditions? Shock, vibration? Dynamic inclination measurement? The new product overview sensors provides you with solutions for these and other requirements. Download here.


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Little installation space? Here's the solution!

ASM presents a contact-less ultra-flat magnetostrictive position sensor for space-restricted applications such as in mobile machines.

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Robust Magnetic Incremental Encoder for Harsh Environments

ASM presents posirot® PMIS4/PMIR7, a non-contact, wear-free magnetic incremental encoder solution which was designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and offers a unique simple slide-on shaft assembly.

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The underrated risk of leakage

Traditional angle sensors often show unexpected failures under outdoor conditions even with high IP protection rates such as IP67. This is mostly due to moisture ingress via non-airtight spaces. ASM Sensors has developed a new sealing technology which hermetically seals the sensor. 

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New Multiturn Encoder-Technology posihall®

ASM has developed a robust alternative to optical encoders that are prone to fail under harsh environmental condititions: The magnetic multiturn encoder-technology posihall® measures absolute angular position of a shaft over multiple revolutions by utilizing a gear coupled multi-hall sensor system. 

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Non-contact Analog Angle Sensor posirot® PRAS6

ASM Sensors presents a non-contact analog angle sensor with hermetically sealed housing for use in heavy-duty outdoor environments and hygiene-critical applications.

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The Solution for Tight Spaces: Sensors with Integrated Pulley

The new positape® WBR models are equipped with an integrated pulley mounted directly onto the sensor, which enables a highly flexible pullout angle of the measuring tape.

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New Ultra Compact Cable Extension Sensor for Long Measuring Lengths

The new posiwire® sensor WS21 has been designed for measuring ranges up to 20 000 mm. It is fitted with a robust, non-contact, magnetic multi-turn-sensing encoder, which gives wear free operation and enables very long measuring lengths to be packaged in compact designs. Typical applications include linear measurements for crane booms.

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