Robust displacement sensor for harsh environments and deflections

Precise linear positioning is an elementary requirement in many mobile machines. The measuring accuracy and reliability of the sensor are essential.

Two properties that the ASM positape® WB21 combines in a unique way.

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High-accuracy inclination sensor in robust stainless steel housing

The new high-accuracy inclination sensor positilt® PTM29 in a compact, laser-welded stainless steel housing is suitable for extremely harsh environmental conditions. It can also be used in place of rotary sensors with many benefits.


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As small as a finger

Narrow and slim installation spaces in industrial applications require special sensor designs. Furthermore, these sensors often have to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, dirt and intensive cleaning processes. ASM presents a sensor that meets these requirements: posirot® PRAS1 is a very small magnetic angle sensor in a narrow rod design.


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Small, Robust, Unmatched Accuracy

The new high-accuracy inclination sensor positilt® PTM27 in an ultra-compact housing is suitable for applications where high robustness and accuracy are required. It can also replace rotary angle sensors advantageously.


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Saves Costs and Installation Space

In many applications both displacement and inclination must be determined. The new combined displacement and inclination sensor posiwire® cable extension sensor WST85 saves costs, installation space as well cabling and installation time.


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We are still here for you

The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic presents a challenge worldwide and does not stop at ASM Sensors.

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No Drilling, Easy Maintenance: The New Sensor Solution for Hydraulic Cylinders

ASM presents posichron® EasyMount - a new linear position sensor solution that significantly simplifies installation, maintenance and repair and thus saves time and money.

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The new sensor program

Harsh environmental conditions? Shock, vibration? Dynamic inclination measurement? The new product overview sensors provides you with solutions for these and other requirements. Download here.


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Little installation space? Here's the solution!

ASM presents a contact-less ultra-flat magnetostrictive position sensor for space-restricted applications such as in mobile machines.

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Robust Magnetic Incremental Encoder for Harsh Environments

ASM presents posirot® PMIS4/PMIR7, a non-contact, wear-free magnetic incremental encoder solution which was designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and offers a unique simple slide-on shaft assembly.

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