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Magnetic angle sensor fits into door hinges

Narrow and slim installation spaces in industrial applications require special sensor designs. Furthermore, these sensors often have to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as humidity, dirt and intensive cleaning processes. ASM presents a sensor that meets these requirements: posirot® PRAS1 is a very small magnetic angle sensor in a narrow rod design. The sensor measures only 10.6 mm in diameter and has a length of 53 mm. Due to its slim design, the sensor is suitable for very narrow installation spaces and fits especially well into door hinges.

The posirot® PRAS1 sensor measures rotational positions from 0° to 360° using a Hall effect sensor array and an external position magnet. The magnetic encoder technology is completely contactless and contains no moving parts. PRAS1 sensors are therefore particularly shock and vibration resistant. The sensor housing is made of stainless steel. The protection class is IP67 with the option of IP69 when using the corresponding mating connector. Due to its robustness, the sensor is also suitable for use in applications with difficult ambient conditions such as packaging machines or filling plants. The IP69 version of the sensor is particularly suitable for applications with intensive cleaning processes in pharmaceutical and food production.

The measuring range of the sensor is 0-15° to 0-360° (in 15° steps). It is available in the output types 0.5...10 V, 0.5...4.5 V or 4...20 mA. The resolution of posirot® PRAS1 is 0.03% (60... 360°) and 0.1% (15... 45°). It has a linearity of +/-0.3% of the measuring range. Alternatively the sensor is available with incremental or digital output (SSI).

Data sheet posirot® PRAS1

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