High-accuracy inclination sensor in robust stainless steel housing

Suitable for extremely harsh environmental conditions

The new high-accuracy inclination sensor positilt® PTM29 in a compact, laser-welded stainless steel housing is suitable for extremely harsh environmental conditions. It can also be used in place of rotary sensors with many benefits.

The MEMS-based inclination sensor positilt® PTM29 measures inclination in the range of +/-180° with one axis and in the range of +/-60° with two axes. With a linearity deviation of 0.05° and a resolution of 0.001° in the 360° measuring range, the sensor offers a very high measuring accuracy. The sensor technology of the positilt® PTM29 works with contactless technology, is shock and vibration and is also resistant to contamination. The sensor is a totally sealed, laser welded and hermetically sealed stainless steel housing. The sensor electronics are completely encapsulated. The cable area also has special protection to prevent capillary water ingress along the cable. The compact sensor size (10x50 mm) allows installation even in tight spaces. The sensor achieves protection class IP67/69 and is shielded against electromagnetic interference so that it can be used even in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields. The positilt® PTM29 can be mounted with free alignment of the measuring axes.

The sensor is suitable for use in applications with harsh environmental conditions such as mobile machines, hygienic applications and public road traffic (E1). The positilt® PTM29 can also be used in place of rotation angle sensors advantageously, as neither a shaft nor a magnet is required. It is available with digital (CANopen, CAN SAE J1939) and analogue outputs. For dynamic applications the sensor positilt® PTK29 is available in an identical sensor housing using gyro-compensated MEMS technology.

Data sheet positilt® PTM29

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