Non-contact Analog Angle Sensor posirot® PRAS6

Non-contact Analog Angle Sensor posirot® PRAS6

ASM Sensors introduces the new posirot® PRAS6  non-contact analog angle sensor. The sensor measures angular displacement and position of rotating objects from 0-360° using  magnetic “Hall Technology“. As the magnetic encoder technology is entirely contactless and solid state, PRAS6 sensors are resistant to shock and vibration. What makes the sensor unique is its robust laser welded stainless steel 1.4404 housing. 

The housing is hermetically sealed and therefore especially suited for applications with humid, wet and dirty environments and even for temporary submersion underwater.

Made of stainless steel 1.4404, the robust sensor housing also withstands aggressive fluids and is suited for hygiene-critical applications with intensive cleaning and sterilization processes. The PRAS6 has a sealing capability protection class to IP69K which makes it perfectly suited for heavy-duty outdoor applications and hygiene-critical applications such as mobile working machines, food processing machines or medical equipment. For safety applications the PRAS6 sensor housing can be equipped with redundant electronics.

The sensors measurement ranges are 0-15° to 0-360° (in 15° increments). Outputs are availabe either Voltage 0.5...10 V, 0.5...4.5 V or current 4...20 mA. The resolution of posirot® PRAS6 is +/-0.3% (60...360°) and +/-0.1% (15...45°), the linearity specification is +/-0.3% of full scale.

Technical data posirot® PRAS6

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