posimag® lin

Contactless and high-precision magnetic scale position sensors

posimag® lin is a non-contact, high-resolution measurment system for measuring lengths of up to 30 meters. Installation and adjustment of this system is simple - also thanks to the three available variants: posimag® lin is available with a magnetic tape for direct adhesive mounting (unguided sensor head; PMIS3/ PMIB3), with a flat profile that can be plugged in at 3 m intervals (unguided sensor head; PMIS3/ PMIB3/ PMFP) or with a high profile with integrated linear guide (guided sensor head; PMIS3/ PMIB3/ PMHP/ PMGW3).

Elementary component of all variants of posimag® lin technology is the 10 mm wide measuring tape made of flexible steel, to which a magnetic layer is applied. This magnetic layer is magnetized in regular invervals and firmly connected to the carrier tape. To determine the position, the sensor head moves a short distance along the magnetic tape. The resolution is accurate down to one micrometer.

The incremental sensors are particularly suitable for linear position measurements in industrial applications in machine, plant and precision equipment construction, where robustness and freedom from wear are particularly important, e.g. in handling systems.

posimag® lin has the high protection class IP67. The linearity (sensor with measuring tape) is up to 15µm ±40 µm/m. The resolution is up to 5 µm as standard (optionally up to 1 µm). The sensors have an incremental encoder output, output types: HTL, TTL/RS422. The posimag® lin system is optionally available with a magnetized reference mark. The sensor has a shielded metal housing, the electronics are encapsulated and therefore highly resistant to shock and vibration.

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