Robust displacement sensor for harsh environments and deflections

positape® WB21

Precise linear positioning is an elementary requirement in many mobile machines. The measuring accuracy and reliability of the sensor are essential.

Two properties that the ASM positape® WB21 combines in a unique way.

The 10 mm wide and 0.08 mm thick high-tech stainless steel measuring tape is hardly susceptible to wear and can also be deflected several times and in opposite directions. Thanks to this special feature, the WB21 can also be installed where space is limited. Designers therefore have more options for integrating the displacement sensor into their machines.

Another feature is the non-contact, magnetic and wear-free Multi-Hall technology. As with many linear position sensors, the linear movements are converted into angular movements to determine the position. The magnetic multiturn absolute encoder from ASM detects this rotary movement and converts it into a signal that can be analysed by a data processing system. The electronics of the positape® WB21 are completely encapsulated, meaning that the sensor is unaffected by temperature fluctuations, vibrations, shocks, dirt (dust, lubricants) and moisture.

The combination of high-tech stainless steel measuring tape and absolute encoder technology makes the positape® WB21 position sensor suitable for use even in the harshest environmental conditions and in the most demanding applications.

The positape® WB21 is available in various measuring lengths up to max. 20,000 mm, with analogue output or digital output (SSI, CANopen or SAE J1939). The standard linearity of the displacement sensor is ±0.10%. The sensor offers protection class IP67/IP69.

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