The underrated risk of leakage

New sealing technology prevents electronics corrosion

Traditional angle sensors often show unexpected failures under outdoor conditions even with high IP protection rates such as IP67. This is mostly due to moisture ingress leading to corrosion of the sensor electronics. Conventional coating and sealing technologies have not been successful in preventing corrosion in the long-term.


ASM Sensors presents magnetic angle sensors POSIROT® PRAS2 with a new optional patented sealing technology. The sensor housing is completely potted with a special sealing compound. The potting also includes the cable area to avoid capillary water ingress along the cable. The sensor is programmable in its finished state. The sensor housing is also shielded against magnetic fields. This allows its use even in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields, such as at the shaft end of an electric motor. A compact aluminum housing with only 20 mm in thickness makes the sensors suitable for installation in tight locations.

The sensors measures rotary position from 0° to 360° utilizing a multiple Hall-Effect sensor array and a position magnet. The protection class is IP67 as standard and IP69 optional. Analog outputs are availabe either Voltage 0.5...10 V, 0.5...4.5 V or current 4...20 mA. Digital outputs are available either absolute (CAN-Bus, SSI) or incremental. The sensor has a linearity of +/- 0.3%.

Due to the special sealing option and the resistance to shock, vibration and dirt ingress POSIROT® PRAS2 are especially suited for applications in harsh environments such as industrial vehicles and mobile machines.

POSIROT® PRAS2 Magnetic Angle Sensors


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