Overview posichron® EasyMount

posichron® EasyMount is a new sensor solution for hydraulic cylinders. Core part of the new concept is a strong position magnet mounted inside the hydraulic cylinder. The sensor itself originates from the magnetostrictive, non-contact and wear-free posichron® sensor line. Contrary to the conventional internal mounting, it is mounted on the outside of the hydraulic cylinder and is therefore easily accessible for maintenance and repair work.


• Easy sensor installation due to external mounting
• No deep hole drilling necessary
• Easy maintenance and repair
• Redundant sensor assembly possible (up to 4-fold)
• Measuring lengths up to 5,750 mm
• Installation in synchronous cylinder possible

The technology

posichron® EasyMount outside mounting

Due to the new, strong magnet fixed inside the cylinder, the sensor can be mounted on the outside of the hydraulic cylinder instead of inside the cylinder as usual. Long measurement lengths or small piston diameters can now be realized much more cost-effectively or for the first time at all. The time-consuming drilling of the piston rod to accommodate the sensor is no longer necessary. In case of maintenance or repair, the sensor is easily accessible from the outside. Mounting of additional, redundant sensors is possible.

posichron® interior mounting

The sensor is mounted on the inside of the cylinder. A bore through the piston rod is required.


The posichron® EasyMount sensor solution is suitable for many hydraulic cylinder applications. In particular, posichron® EasyMount is also suitable for slim pistons where there is no space for internal sensor mounting. For long pistons where hole-drilling for internal sensor mounting incurrs high costs, posichron® EasyMount provides significant cost savings. Well protected against shocks, vibrations, moisture and dirt, posichron® sensors are generally the solution for demanding and harsh operating conditions.

Selection guide posichron® sensors for EasyMount

Model   Applications Profile
Protection class
PCFP23 Tight mounting spaces 36 x 13 mm IP64
PCFP24 Tight mounting spaces 43 x 12 mm

optional IP67/69

PCFP25 Tight mounting spaces 28 x 8 mm

optional IP67

PCRP21 Standard industrial applications ∅ 25 mm IP64
PCRP32 Underwater ∅ 28 mm IP68/69


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