Overview POSICHRON® Magnetostrictive Sensors

Contactless. Flexible installation.

POSICHRON® sensors offer absolute, contactless, and wear-free measurement of linear positions. The POSICHRON® measurement system is extremely robust and offers a high level of shock resistance up to 50 g. This makes POSICHRON® also suitable for applications that other measurement principles simply cannot handle. The sensors are available in various designs, making them suitable for use in a wide range of installation conditions (including rod, profile, ultra-flat profile, and submersible designs).
The specially customized and patented PCFP25 flat profile is the perfect choice for side booms on cranes.


The Advantages

  • Wear- and maintenance-free
  • High level of shock resistance up to 50 g (100 shocks)
  • Guiding distance of up to 19 mm (depending on magnet/profile)
  • Degree of protection up to IP68/IP69
  • Linearity up to 0.02% of the measurement length
  • Measurement length up to 5,750 mm

POSICHRON® position sensors are suitable for use in a wide range of applications, such as hydraulic cylinders and presses, level measurements, mobile machines, injection molding machines, road vehicle tests, tunneling machines, and wind power plants.
The specially developed ultra-flat POSICHRON® PCFP25 profile is particularly ideal for use in side booms on cranes. And as for permanently underwater applications, the PCRP32 profile is the perfect choice.

Commercial vehicles

Side booms

Wheel loaders

Skip loaders

Container stackers

Hydraulic excavators

The technology

POSICHRON® position sensors rely on the time-of-flight principle for determining positions. This involves the sensor sending an electromagnetic impulse through a magnetostrictive waveguide, which is reflected as a mechanical-elastic density wave by a movable position magnet. The position magnet can be accurately located using the time it takes for this wave to reach the sensor head. As the measurement takes place contactlessly, it is both wear and maintenance-free. What's more, POSICHRON® sensors also offer a 'true-absolute' measurement principle.

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