Overview POSIHALL® Magnetic Multiturn Encoders

True-absolute. Highly rugged.

POSIHALL® magnetic multiturn encoders are the robust alternative to optical encoders that often fall short in harsh conditions. POSIHALL® sensors measure angular positions over multiple revolutions with the help of a 'true-absolute' magnetic measurement principle. They are capable of maintaining failure-free, accurate funtionality in the event of high vibrations, powerful impacts, and temperatures between -40° C (-40° F) and +85° C (+185° F). Their robust housing complete with specially encapsulated electronics makes them resistant to extreme environmental conditions and therefore the ideal solution for heavy-duty applications.
POSIHALL® sensors are also available with redundant outputs for safety-related applications.


Advantages at a glance

  • True-absolute measurement principle
  • Measurement range up to 31 x 360°(PH36) and 255 x 360° (PH58 and PH68)
  • Shock, vibration and dirt resistance
  • Integral shielding against magnetic fields
  • Single-turn linearity of 0.3%
  • Degree of protection up to IP69

POSIHALL® multiturn encoders are suitable for applications such as those found in mobile machines, packaging machines, food processing machines, offshore applications, and solar and wind power plants.

Wind power plants

Hydraulic excavators

Therapeutic treadmill

Vehicles with aerial ladders

Wood harvesters

Municipal commercial vehicles

The technology

POSIHALL® sensors offer contactless, wear-free measurement of rotation angles using multiple mechanically coupled multihall sensors. These work together to capture up to 255 revolutions for a true-absolute measurement. This means that a correct measurement can always be displayed regardless of external interference - for example, after a power failure.

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