Overview POSIMAG® lin Magnetic Scale Sensors

Contactless. High resolution.

POSIMAG® lin is a contactless, high-resolution measurement system for measurement of lengths of up to 30 meters.  POSIMAG® lin sensors are robust, resistant to contamination, and entirely wear-free, making them even suitable for use in challenging environmental conditions.


The Advantages

  • Contactless and wear-free
  • Resistant to contamination
  • Shielded metal housing
  • Simple installation and adjustment
  • Degree of protection IP67
  • Measurement length up to 30,000 mm



POSIMAG® lin sensors are suitable for taking linear position measurements in industrial applications for machine, plant and precision engineering - particularly those calling for a robust, wear-free solution such as handling systems.

Roller cutters

Thermal cutting machines

Panel saws

Special lathes

Overhead cranes

Handling systems

The technology

POSIMAG® lin sensors measure linear positions by means of a high-precision magnetic measurement principle. This involves the sensor head being moved along a measurement scale that is magnetized at regular intervals. This allows the measuring head to determine the position with resolutions of up to 1 micron. The measuring principle is both contactless and wear-free, and different models are available with and without sensor head guidance to suit a wide range of installation conditions.

Product variants

Magnetic measuring scale and free floating unguided sensor head

Magnetic measuring scale in flat profile and unguided sensor head

Magnetic measuring scale in guidance profile and guided sensor head

Product list POSIMAG® lin