Overview POSIMAG®

POSIMAG® is a non-contact, high resolution magnetic position measuring system for measuring lengths of up to approx. 30 meters. Because of its sturdiness and resistance to dirt, together with the system’s exceptional resistance to wear and tear, POSIMAG® is also suitable for use under challenging environmental conditions.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Non-contact and wear-free
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Shielded metal housing
  • Simple installation and adjustment
  • Standard quadrature encoder interface
  • Protection class up to IP67
  • Measuring ranges up to 30,000 mm

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POSIMAG® position sensors are suitable for linear position measurement in many industrial applications in the production of machinery, plants and precision equipment, in which sturdiness and wear-free design play a crucial role, like e.g. in material handling systems. The POSIROT® product family was developed for similar types of rotary positioning applications.

Slitter winders

Cutting machines

Dimensioning saws

Special lathes

Overhead cranes

Handling systems

The functional principle

POSIMAG® consists of a magnetic measuring strip and a non-contact magnetoresistive scanning head. The magnetic measuring strip is periodically magnetized with magnetic north and south poles. To capture a position the magnetoresistive sensor head samples sinusoidal magnetic fields above the magnetic measuring. Standard Resolutions up to 1 µm are available. The signals can be processed by all common industrial control units with suitable signal processing speeds, or displayed directly using a digital display unit from ASM´s PRODIS® series.

Product variants

Magnetic measuring scale and free floating unguided sensor head

Magnetic measuring scale in flat profile and unguided sensor head

Magnetic measuring scale in guidance profile and guided sensor head

Product list POSIMAG®

PMIS3 Magnetic Scale Sensor

Ultra-compact, contact-free POSIMAG® PMIS3 sensor head
Resolution up to 1 µm
Protection class IP67
Reference and end-position switches

PMIB3 Magnetic Scale

Magnetic POSIMAG® measuring scale suitable for sensor PMIS3
Simple stick-on assembly
Resistant to humidity
Reference and end-position switches