Overview POSIROT® Magnetic Angle Sensors

Magnetic. Flexible. Suitable for outdoor use.

POSIROT® angle sensors detect angular positions of rotating elements with absolute precision by means of a magnetic measurement principle. They are resistant to shock, vibrations, and contamination, which makes them even suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments. Laser-welded, hermetically sealed, stainless-steel housing units guarantee a long service life even in challenging environmental conditions (PRAS6), in hygiene applications (PRAS7), and in permanently submerged applications (PRAS4). POSIROT® angle sensors featuring degree of protection IP60 are suitable for demanding indoor aplications.


The Advantages

  • Measurement range from 0° to 360°
  • Contactless or with a 10 mm shaft
  • Shock, vibration and dirt resistance
  • Laser-welded, hermetically sealed housing
  • Degree of protection up to IP68/IP69



Depending on their design, POSIROT® angle sensors are suitable for indoor applications while their robust housing means they can be used in harsh environmental conditions such as those associated with mobile machines, ships, cranes, excavators, wind power plants, and large-scale medical equipment.

Wind power plants

Industrial trucks

Aircraft tractors

Vehicles with aerial ladders

Wood harvesters

Municipal commercial vehicles

The technology

POSIROT® angle sensors rely on multihall technology to take contactless and wear-free rotation measurements. This involves a magnetic measuring element being secured to the rotating component so that the change in magnetic field during rotation can be measured by a multihall sensor. The sensor and magnet can either be integrated into a single housing or installed separately. The magnetic measurement method makes the sensor resistant to mechanical loads and contamination. 

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