Overview POSIWIRE® Cable Extension Sensors

The new generation of sensors. More robust than ever.

The new generation of POSIWIRE® cable extension sensors with magnetic absolute encoders is significantly more robust than conventional cable sensors. The contact-less, magnetic multihall encoder technology is wear-free and far superior to optical encoders and potentiometer solutions - particularly in challenging environmental conditions. The new generation of sensors is available with redundant encoder systems, and features models with optical encoders or potentiometers.
The latest additions to the range include models with an integrated inclination sensor.


The Advantages

  • More robust than conventional cable sensors thanks to magnetic absolute encoders
  • Degree of protection up to IP68/IP69
  • Resistant to vibrations and shock
  • Linearity up to 0.01%
  • Measurement length up to 40,000 mm

POSIWIRE® Cable Extension Sensors are used in applications that require the exact positioning of elements that move in a linear motion to be defined.
POSIWIRE® sensors are also suitable for use in challenging environments. These ensure reliable operation in many areas of automation, process technology, and in industry and research - for example, in handling systems, elevator technology, lifting, conveying, and storage technology, medical technology, and in wind power plants.

Aircraft tractors

MRI scanners

Overhead electric monorails

Tunneling machines

Scissors lifts

Cargo loaders


The technology

POSIWIRE® cable extension sensors determine linear positions by unrolling a measuring cable. This process incorporates the magnetic absolute encoder system in the new POSIWIRE® sensors which generates the readings of the cable drum rotation. The sensor electronics then convert the signal into conventional, industry-standard output types.

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