Product Datasheet

WS10EX Cable Extension Position Sensor - Dust-Ex-Proof

Measurement length up to 1,250 mm, explosion protected
Protection class IP65
With explosion protection (dust-EX)


Output Potentiometer
Voltage 0... 10 V
Current 4 ... 20 mA, 2 or 3 wire
Resolution Analog: essentially infinite
Linearity Up to ±0.05 % f.s.
Sensing device Precision potentiometer
Housing material Aluminum
Measuring cable: stainless steel
Protection class Housing: IP65
Dust-EX-proof: II 3D Ex tc IIIC T80°C Dc X
(X = examined with low impact energy of 4 J)
Connection Cable output, standard length 2 m
Weight Approx. 600 g
Explosion-proof DIN EN 60079-0 (September 2019)
DIN EN 60079-31 (December 2014))


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