Product Datasheet

WGS3.1 Velocity Sensor

Position and velocity sensor
Discontinued model / only for replacement

Measurement ranges: up to 15,000 mm
Speed: 0.01 mm/s - 10 m/s
Potentiometer, 10 V, 4...20 mA, tacho, T5


Output Potentiometer
Voltage 0... 10 V
Current 4 ... 20 mA
Resolution Analog: essentially infinite
Linearity Up to ±0.05% f.s.
Sensing device Precision potentiometer
Tacho generator
Housing material Steel, aluminum
Cable: stainless steel
Protection class: IP50
Connection DIN 8-pin
Weight 6kg max.


Accessories and Options

Cable Pulley SR2
A cable pulley such as SR2 is helpful in applications where the sensor cable cannot be pulled out straight due to f.e. limited space.
PRODIS® Digital Process Display
ASM PRODIS® digital process displays are especially designed to work with analog and incremental outputs of ASM Sensors