Product Datasheet

WB10ZG Tape Extension Position Sensor

Heavy duty position sensor with measurement tape
Measurement range: up to 2,000 mm
0.5...4.5 V/10 V, 4...20 mA, SSI, CAN
Protection class: up to IP65

» Specifications

Output Voltage 0.5... 10 V
Voltage 0.5... 4.5 V
Current 4 ... 20 mA, 3-wire technology
Voltage or current output, programmable
CANopen, CAN J1939
Resolution < 0.05mm
Linearity Up to ±0.05% f.s.
Sensing device Magnetic encoder
Housing material Zinc die cast, aluminum
Cable: stainless steel, 10mm wide, 0.08mm thick
Protection class: IP65
Connection Male 5-pin socket M12
Male 8-pin socket M12
CANBUS M12, 5-pin
Weight approx. 1.3kg

Accessories and Options

Cable Pulley WBR1
The cable pulley WBR1 is intended particularly for deflecting the measurement tape whereever the straight-line motion of the sensor cable is not possible due to limited space.
PRODIS® Digital Process Display
ASM PRODIS® digital process displays are especially designed to work with analog and incremental outputs of ASM Sensors