Product Datasheet

WB10ZG Tape Extension Position Sensor

Measurement length up to 2,000 mm
Protection class IP65


Output Voltage 0.5... 10 V
Voltage 0.5... 4.5 V
Current 4 ... 20 mA, 3-wire technology
Voltage or current output, programmable
SAE J1939
Resolution < 0.05 mm
Linearity Up to ±0.05 % f.s.
Sensing device Magnetic absolute encoder
Housing material Zinc die cast, aluminum
Measuring tape: stainless steel, 10 mm wide, 0.08 mm thick
Protection class IP65
Connection Connector M12
Weight Approx. 1.3 kg


Accessories and Options

Tape pulley WBR1
The tape pulley WBR1 is intended particularly for deflecting the measurement tape wherever the straight-line motion of the sensor cable is not possible due to limited space.
PRODIS® Digital Process Display
ASM PRODIS® digital process displays are especially designed to work with analog and incremental outputs of ASM Sensors