Process Displays

The PRODIS® Series is designed for use with analog and incremental position sensors to display angles and displacements. The meter is programmable to display values within preset start/end range or values in units as inches, mm or degrees. Sensor excitation is supplied by the meter. With four membrane keys all parameters can be programmed for the special applications. Optional comparator functions with 4 NPN open-collector output are available, additional 2 of them have relay output.

Process Displays


PRODIS-ADC Digital Process Display

Digital process display for analog sensors, integrated sensor supply
6-digit LED display, free scaling
Input: 0...10 V, 0/4...20 mA, potentiometer
RS232, 4 switched outputs


PRODIS-INC Digital Process Display

Digital process display for incremental sensors, integrated sensor supply
High counting frequency up to 250 kHz
6-digit LED display, incremental
RS232, 4 switched outputs